What our customers say about us

Thanks to Jewelsleeve we were able condense and organize over 3,000 CDs containing spacecraft and instrument data from several NASA planetary missions.

Diana Michna
Malin Space Science Systems Inc.
San Diego, CA

For a music freak, being a music journalist, a disc jockey at a college radio station and a working musician means being in a near-perfect situation. However, being a music journalist, a disc jockey at a college radio station and a working musician with a dominant pack rat gene means being in danger of becoming, literally, innundated by CDs.

While I wouldn't necessarily shy away from having practically every square inch of my abode stacked with CDs, bringing the Jewelsleeve system into play means I can have all those CDs and actually be able to find one I want to hear when I want to listen.

Jim Beal, Jr.
San Antonio Express-News, KSYM Radio

I just needed to THANK YOU for the way your company does business. It's amazing!

I've been in business for 22 years and I've seen operations that range from excellent to almost "insane", but I really thing yours is the best! Your product info is complete, your order system is simple, your delivery is outstanding(normal ground, and it was here in 3 Days), and your product is very good!

If only all business were like "The JEWELSLEEVE Co." This was only my second order but there will be more for I would not even think of using anyone else for CD storage.

Bob Putnam
Advent Systems Productions
Buffalo, NY

I just wanted to let you know that the sleeves are fantastic, and have saved my CD collection from certain extinction!

M. McIntosh
Houston, TX

Wow! - what an improvement on CD storage and retrieval.

B. Valley
Martinsville, VA

From a happy customer in Vermont comes this picture of 2000 jewelboxes condensed into just two Jewel Chests!